Woodlawn Hunting Club Rules and By-Laws

Woodlawn Hunting Club, LLC - Operating Rules and Guidelines

Woodlawn Hunting Club was established in 2000. The club was a vision of the late D.S. Moss whose family owns the majority of the land on which we operate. Mr. Moss's stated purpose in forming the club was to provide a relaxing environment where children could enjoy the outdoors and learn to appreciate outdoor sports by interacting with and emulating a group of ethical sportsmen. It is with this vision in mind that the following Rules and Operating Guidelines are established:

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  1. Club Governance - The Club will be governed by a board of six members:
    1. President - Uphold club rules, chairperson of club meetings, manage day to day activities of the club and land owners.
      James May (252) 904-6454
    2. Vice President - Uphold club rules, chairperson of club meetings in Presidents absence, assist in day to day management of the club – responsible for organizing work days. Event management.
      Bruce Norton – (252) 536-9810
    3. Membership Representative - represent membership views and desires to the board. Point person for conflict management. Manage committees and yearly work logs with members.
      Billy Earp – (252) 883-2825
    4. Secretary - Uphold club rules, document meeting minutes, maintain membership records, communicate pertinent news to the membership and maintain club records. Event management.
      Mike Lee (252) 885-0201
    5. Treasurer Uphold club rules, maintain club books, monitor club budget, report budget details to the membership and the board, collect and track funds owed to club, pay land owners leases and other club bills.
      Mike Keffer – (910) 471-3266
    6. Land Owner Representative shall be a owner of land leased by the club, spokesperson to other landowners, provide insight to club on landowner viewpoints and to help guide the club with that direction in mind.
      Tom Moss – (252) 985-8061
    7. The board as listed shall maintain the authority to run the club in a manner in which they determine is consistent with the vision of Mr. Moss and to the betterment of the club. In the event a member of the board is unable to fulfill their duties Mr. Moss shall have the responsibility to appoint a replacement with careful consideration and input from the membership.
  2. Monthly Gatherings - The club will have scheduled gatherings typically on the first Friday of the month with the exception of June and July. They will be held in the club house. Dinner is at 6:00 pm with the meetings following at 7:00 pm. These events are intended for fellowship and to discuss a variety of topics pertinent to maintaining the stated purpose of the club.
  3. Club Membership The club will be made up of three types of members:
    1. Membership Classifications:
      1. Regular: Flexible goal of 35 regular full members – Full membership - $850 per year.
      2. Senior: Variable number - Full membership privileges – reduced annual dues = $500 per year; defined as --- 65 years old, minimum 10 years unbroken membership = $500 dues and 3 work days. (Those joining the club prior to 2011, 5 years unbroken membership) --- 70 years old, minimum 10 years unbroken membership = no dues no work days.
      3. Social Members: Flexible goal of 15 social members – Annual dues = $300 per year; defined as ---fishing, small game: - to include use of club, fishing in 6 ponds and small game hunting. Small game hunting during deer season shall be limited to not affect prime deer areas. Social membership does not include deer or turkey.
      4. Honorary: Full membership privileges. no annual dues and no work days required.
      5. Military Member: Currently undefined.
    2. Dues Payment:
      1. The club membership year is from March 1 through February 28. Dues may be paid in full or in two increments ½ by April 1st and the balance by August 1st.
      2. Dues paid are not refundable. Members not meeting dues payment schedule will forfeit their membership and be subject to $100.00 new member fee.
    3. Applications:
      1. The club membership year is from March 1 through February 28. Dues may be paid in full or in two increments ½ by April 1st and the balance by August 1st.
      2. Applications will be considered using a first in, first up method.
      3. Applications will be screened and voted on by the board.
      4. New members may be considered at any time during the club year. New members considered during the existing year are expected to pay full annual dues and work day fines (or schedule to complete work days through the Vice President) prior to utilizing club facilities.
      5. New members are all subject to a 1st year probation period and 100.00 new member fee.
    4. Liability Waiver: All members must complete and sign a liability waiver. Guests and family members must also complete and sign prior to using the club.
  4. Membership work requirements - Four (4) official work days will be set by the board. Workdays are intended to complete work required to maintain club owned hunting stands, paths, roads, ponds, the clubhouse etc… Work committees have been formed to coordinate projects. The committee chairmen will document work completed and advise the board of member workday status.
    1. a. All members must attend three (3) eight (8) hour scheduled workdays or make arrangements with the members rep to secure project assignments. One day is required in association with the trail ride.
    2. All members must attend three (3) eight (8) hour scheduled workdays or make arrangements with the members rep to secure project assignments. One day is required in association with the trail ride.
    3. All members must document personal work days in the log maintained in the club house.
    4. All members are required to be on a cook team at least once during the year. Cooking at membership meetings = 2 hours work time.
    5. Members not completing work days will assessed a fine of $150 per day for each day not completed.
    6. Work days are expected to be completed prior to September 1st.
    7. All work Day fines are expected to be paid prior to hunting.
  5. Guests - Members are encouraged to bring guests to the club.
    1. Members are allowed one (1) guest per day.
    2. Members must be present on club land while sponsoring a guest.
    3. Former members are not to be allowed as guest for a period of 12 months.
    4. Guests are allowed three (3) hunt days and five (5) fishing days per year.
    5. Members are responsible for:
      1. Signing guests into the log book.
      2. Insuring guests follow club rules.
      3. Pay guest fees prior to using the club.
    6. Guest fees:
      1. $50 per day – hunting day defined as two consecutive hunts within a 24 hour period.
      2. $100 per day – deer hunting during the month of November.
      3. $10 per day - fishing and small game.
      4. Guest fees should be placed in an envelope clearly labeled with date, member name and guest name, and deposited in the lock box.(prior to hunt).
      5. Members shall not use the club for any purpose until guest fees are paid.
    7. A member’s immediate family is considered a guest but is exempt from guest fees and maximum visits. Immediate family is defined as a member’s wife, adolescent children/step children, and grandchildren. Adult children (over 18 and under 23) enrolled as full time students or actively serving in the US Military are included as well.
  6. Hunting Guidelines
    1. Farmers and ranchers shall be respected by members and guests. Their daily activities take precedence over our club privileges. Club members and guests shall not block paths or roads and should leave fences in the state in which they were found.
    2. Whitetail Deer Hunting is the predominant sport enjoyed by the membership. All other hunting should take this into consideration during the Deer season. Hunting for other game during these seasons should not be done until after deer season is finished on Jan 1.
    3. All NC and Federal laws, rules and regulations shall be adhered to at all times.
    4. Game taken requiring use of a NC Big Game tag must be immediately logged into the Club log and registered with the NC Wildlife Commission. Members should record sex, number of points, inside spread and weight of deer in the club log.
    5. Hunting Stands - The Club owns and maintains stands for use by all club members. Members are also allowed a maximum 2 personal stands. Personal stands must be labeled on the club map. Permission to hunt personal stands must be obtained from the stand owner. These stands are to be marked by P following the stand designation: (example JM9P).
      1. Personal stands defined as stands such as ladders, climbers, or lock- on’s, usually in secluded areas.
      2. Other personally owned stands of larger size covering larger areas should be used for general club access. These stand locations must be approved by the board prior to placement.
    6. Man drives are forbidden unless approved by the board.
    7. Alcohol – zero tolerance for alcohol use while hunting. NO EXCEPTIONS. DON’T DRINK IF YOU PLAN TO HUNT.
  7. Deer Management - It is the club’s desire to manage our deer population as a healthy herd, capable of producing state record bucks. Rules are as follows:
    1. Bucks - 14" minimum inside width straight across – 6 point minimum.
      1. 4 bucks maximum per regular or senior membership (includes guests and family members).
      2. All Bucks must be taken to the club house for measurement.
      3. Members or guests taking a buck below minimum standards will be assessed a fine of $100 for the first, $250 second and probation, third offense will evaluated by the board for dismissal. Care must be taken to not shoot Button Bucks. There will be no fine for the first button buck, $50 for second and third evaluated by the board. Payment is expected prior to utilizing club property in the future. Club members are responsible for guest fines.
      4. Exceptions to the buck rule:
        1. Severely disfigured animals or undesirable deer as determined by the board will be open for member’s children.
        2. Kids first buck- honesty system—children OF CLUB MEMBERS may kill their first buck being exempt from existing standard buck rules of 14" and 6 point minimums.
    2. Does - per license but evaluated throughout the year with a club cap of 15 does as suggested by nc wildlife officials.
    3. Unclaimed Deer - Good blood and tracking constitutes and will be viewed as a kill.
    4. NOTE / CAUTION - varied properties may have specific rules for management be aware of them before you hunt that area.
  8. Stand/Pond/Blind Sign In - Members are responsible for signing in and out (in person) prior to and after hunting and fishing.
    1. The club map is to be used as a reference for deer stand, pond or blind location.
    2. Members are to designate which stand/pond/blind in which they intend to hunt/fish on the clubhouse log.
    3. Members choosing to use a portable stand must place a pin on the map designating his hunting point and sign log book accordingly.
    4. Members should wait until the last member has returned to the club house prior to leaving for the day.
    5. Members shall pay all guests fees (per above) prior to hunting or fishing.
    6. No member shall sign into a club stand more than one (1) hour prior to hunting.
  9. Club House - The club house is for the enjoyment of our members and guests. Certain rules and guidelines are set forth to maintain an orderly, safe and clean environment.
    1. Loaded firearms are prohibited inside the clubhouse.
    2. Members and guests shall clean up after themselves.
    3. Personal belongings shall not be left lying around the club’s common areas.
    4. The club grounds and club house are intended for the use of the club members. Personal events are welcomed but must be in consideration of the membership. Personal events shall be submitted to and approved by a board member then posted on the clubhouse calendar. Members conducting personal events should donate funds to the club at their discretion.
    5. Personal items (shoes, coolers, grills, stands) left after a period of 90 days from a former members leaving the club will be disposed of as the club sees fit unless other arrangements are made with the board.
    6. Campers, tents, and other are allowed at the club house for special events only for a limited time, as voted and approved by the board.
    7. Any improvements or modifications to the structures or existing site must be approved, coordinated and supervised by the land owner.
  10. Shooting Range  - The shooting range is provided for sighting in rifles and for target practice.
    1. Appropriate safety precautions should be taken at all times.
    2. During Deer Season the range is open 10 – 2 daily.
    3. Care must be taken to ensure cows are not present while using the range
  11. ATVs/Four-Wheelers - ATVs are allowed, but for limited purposes. They are not to be used to joy ride at any time. ATVs should be used exclusively for working on club land, retrieving game, distributing corn, and going to or from hunting/fishing areas only. Our land owners are extremely sensitive to their use and we must respect their views.

Discipline – If for any reason it is determined that club members or guests are not conducting themselves in the best interest of the club or are in violation of club rules and guidelines, it is the responsibility of the board OR any member to address the situation. If an infraction is discovered to be a grievous violation of club rules, potentially causing physical harm, destroying club property, affecting our standing with landowners or is a repeated offense, the board has the right to immediately dismiss the member. Any member dismissed from the club forfeits all dues and fees paid to date.