Our Woodlawn Warriors Program

Who are the Woodlawn Warriors?

The Woodlawn Warriors are many. Often we may never see or hear about them. They are the active men and women who chose to take their spot in our military service in order to do their part to help protect our lifestyle as we know it. To each of you, no matter your role or your duty, we say, “Thank You!”

The Woodlawn Warriors Program is designed with our military friends in mind. Our goal is to offer them a pleasant outdoor experience and down time by giving them a getaway. These getaways, are hunts, time on the ponds fishing, or just oysters and steaks while hanging around on the porch in the night air.

We have hosted our National Guard Units giving them a pleasant place to debrief and plan. We have had Special Forces Units in for the weekend before leaving for more training and deployment. Remember, just because active duty personnel get time off or leave, that doesn’t mean they have time to go home and see their families.

We have further continued our support by offering a full time membership to one active military person per year and by offering a discounted membership to other active military members. If you have ideas and/or suggestions for the Woodlawn Warriors Program please let us know....click here.

Thank You for helping us to support them.

~ Woodlawn Hunt Club

Contact Info

Woodlawn hunting club is located in the south-western corner of Halifax County, NC. About one hour northeast of Raleigh and 25 minutes north of Rocky Mount, it is located on the dividing line between the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont. This area provides a wide choice of terrain to enjoy.

Woodlawn Hunting Club
1271 White Oak Rd.
Enfield, NC 27823

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